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What is Involved in a Free Consultation With a DUI Attorney?

Long Island DUI Lawyer Free Consultation

Long Island DUI attorney Richard Jaffe understands that meeting with a lawyer after an arrest for DUI can be embarrassing and intimidating. A DUI charge usually occurs because you made an error in judgment. Picking up a DUI charge does not mean that you are evil or a bad person. Nor does it mean that you are automatically guilty. To the contrary, you are presumed innocent of the charges. You remain innocent unless or until a jury renders a verdict declaring that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt or you change your plea from not guilty to guilty. It is important to maintain that mindset. You might personally feel guilty, but that does not mean you are guilty in a New York court, even if you think the evidence the police gathered against you is overwhelming.

When Should You Meet With a DUI Attorney?

You should meet with a DUI attorney shortly after your driving under the influence arrest. Try to meet with a New York DUI defense lawyer before your arraignment if possible. If that is not possible, then meet with one as soon as you can after your arraignment but well in advance of your next court appearance.

There are several reasons why it is important to meet with an attorney soon after your arrest. Primarily, the events will be fresh in your mind. You will have a better chance to recall what happened the sooner you tell the story accurately. Putting it off will cloud your ability to remember accurately the events leading up to your arrest and what occurred during your encounter with the police. Equally as important, scheduling a consultation within a few days of your arrest will allow a hardworking and knowledgeable New York DUI attorney an opportunity to gather and preserve evidence as well as interview witnesses, and gather police reports.

What Should You Bring to a Free Consultation?

Bring as much information as you have to the meeting. Bring any documents the police or the court gave to you such as you citation or summons and requested an unredacted copy of all of the police reports the police have written to that point. You should also bring a list of witnesses, if you have them, along with their addresses, contact information, and dates of birth. You can also bring copies of photographs if you have any.

What Can You Expect To Happen During the Consultation with a DUI Lawyer?

You can expect to have an open and frank conversation with your Long Island DUI attorney. Mounting a successful defense begins with good communication. The meeting could last an hour or more. You should be aware that the attorney-client privilege protects any conversation you have with an attorney about your arrest. Therefore, you should speak freely.

Expect to answer questions like:

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It is imperative that you hire a good defense lawyer after a DUI arrest. Drunk driving laws are complicated, and the best way to avoid jail time and to get your charges reduced or dismissed  is to hire a knowledgeable driving under the influence defense attorney from 888-DUI-Lawyer. Attorney Richard Jaffe is a highly skilled New York DWI DUI attorney who will help you the best possible outcome for your DUI arrest in New York.

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