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Real DUI Stories

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DUI Offenders Tell Their Stories: 

For most people who have never been arrested or convicted of DUI or DWI, drunk driving might seem like an unthinkable offense that could never happen. This is exactly what millions of other people thought until they made a huge mistake and drove under the influence. Nothing is more powerful than hearing directly from the folks who have made the mistake already. With this in mind, our Long Island DUI attorneys took a look at some of the more public DUI offenders on the Web who have taken to writing about their own experiences to make the world more aware of the realities of getting a DUI.

The Number Crunching Mom

The first story comes from one blogger who provides a detailed account of her nightmarish DUI ordeal by publishing what she refers to as The Running Tally of her expenses relating to this momentary lapse of judgment. To date, she claims her DUI arrest has cost her more than $8,000. According to her account, she had three or four glasses of wine over the course of about five hours, all the while drinking water. On her drive home, she struck a barrier and ended up getting a DUI. In her own words, “My life will forever be changed by this. I worry about my career. I feel ashamed and humiliated.”

Tough Lesson for College Guy

The next story comes from a young Iowa college student who got a little too intoxicated and drove home from a friend’s house around 3 a.m. He hit a patch of ice and went up onto a sidewalk and caused some damage to his car. Police met him at home, and he was arrested and charged with driving while under the Influence (similar to New York’s Driving While Ability Impaired laws).

In the end, this young man recalls that in addition to all the obvious dangers, “you could also get kicked out of school, lose a job, lose scholarships, or even do time in jail.” He further explains in his own words that the solution is, “Just don’t do it.”

Lessons From Those Who Know

If you are like these individuals, thinking you are immune to making bad choices, then it is time to take another look at yourself. We are all susceptible to making mistakes. Human beings are flawed, which is why it is so important to plan ahead and have support from others around you. If you do not go out often for drinks and you do not live near friends or family, make sure you have someone in place to give you a ride no matter what. Here are three quick tips to consider:

  • The Pact: Talk to a friend or colleague and make a pact that if either of you ever ends up in a situation where either of you might be forced to drive intoxicated in the nearby area, the other will be available to help you go get your car the next day.
  • Rideshare: Download ride sharing apps.
  • Taxi: If you live somewhere without a lot of access to ride shares, keep a taxi number in your phone.

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