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Questions to Ask a DUI Lawyer

Question to ask a DUI Lawyer

What to Ask When Interviewing a DUI Attorney

It is funny how people will really shop around when considering their next hair stylist or choosing someone to do landscaping at their home. However, when it comes to choosing a DUI attorney to help keep them out of jail, they simply call the first number they find. The truth is, drunk driving defense lawyers vary widely in skill and experience. So, how do you pick an attorney who is right for you?

What Actually Matters?

There are things that matter and things that do not. It really does not matter where your DUI lawyer went to high school or whether he or she shares an interest in your favorite sports team. But experience, skills, and a proven track record do matter. So, when meeting with a criminal attorney for the first time, remember that you are both conducting an interview. You are trying to decide if this individual or firm is right for you, and the attorney is trying to decide whether to accept your DUI case. Ideally, it should be a good match.

Questions to Ask A Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

You probably will not have a lot of time to meet with multiple DUI attorneys because criminal cases move fast. Within just a few days or weeks, you will have a host of legal proceedings that must be handled. This does not mean you should just take the first lawyer you hear about. Here are a few key things to ask a DUI lawyer.

Ask About the DUI Attorney’s Background

  • How long has the attorney been in practice?
  • How long has the attorney been handling these types of cases specifically?
  • Can the attorney provide an estimate of how many DUIs he or she has handled?
  • What other areas of law does the attorney handle?
  • Does the attorney have any unique skills or experiences that could help?

Ask About Possible Strategies

  • How does the DUI lawyer recommend you proceed with your case?
  • What does the attorney believe your best chance of success will be?
  • How many DUI trials has the attorney won in the past?
  • Does the lawyer recommend a plea agreement?
  • What are the strengths of the case? Weaknesses?
  • Can the lawyer describe the stages of the process and what you need to do?

Discuss DUI Fees

  • How much is the charge?
  • What will make fees higher or lower?
  • What can a client do to keep fees lower?

Meeting With Office Staff

Many clients feel ignored or disregarded if they are forced to meet with office staff. The truth is, a good DUI attorney is probably going to be very busy. Meeting with staff just means that the attorney is focusing on the legal work required to help clients beat their DUI charges, rather than collecting paperwork, taking background information, and making copies. An attorney’s office staff helps to take care of those time consuming tasks, so the attorney can be focusing on what really matters – helping you. So, do not take offense.

Of course, that said, you absolutely must meet with your DUI attorney at some point. If you never speak to your attorney and never have a chance to ask questions, that can create problems. So, in your first meeting, ask how questions are handled. Will the attorney use e-mail, or does he or she prefer phone calls? It is best to know what to expect early on.

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