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How Does a Long Island DUI Charge Affect Car Insurance Rates?

 How does a DUI affect car insurance explain by Long Island DUI Lawyers

DUI Conviction Will Increase Your Car Insurance Rates

A DUI arrest or DWI conviction will cost you a lot. In general, the cost you pay for insurance depends on the coverage levels that you chose and information about you and your car including:

  • Your age
  • Where you live
  • What type of car (and how old) you drive
  • The miles you typically drive
  • The reason you drive (for work or just everyday getting around) and
  • Your personal driving record (accidents and tickets)

The more accidents and tickets on your record, the more you are considered a “high risk” customer. About every one to three years, your insurance company will pull your record to ensure that your record has remained clean. If there is a change on your record, such as a DWI conviction, your premiums may go up.

Not-your-fault accidents are not supposed to increase your premiums. The State of New York Department of Financial Services, the department that regulates insurance companies, allows your insurance company to increase your premiums only for:

  • Accidents involving bodily injury, or losses to property in excess of $2,000, where the insured driver is at fault, or
  • Convictions for certain violations such as speeding more than 15 MPH over the legal limit, driving while intoxicated, fleeing apprehension in a car, by a law enforcement officer, car racing, etc.

A felony DUI and/or conviction is specifically listed as a violation that allows your insurance carrier to increase your rates. In addition, a DWI is NOT a situation of no-fault. You made a decision to drive drunk. As such, having a DWI conviction or arrest on your record will increase your monthly premiums for many years.

Premiums Will Increase 80% or More

A study done by, self-described as the nation’s most comprehensive comparison website for car insurance quotes, a DWI will raise your rates more than 80% on average.  According to the report, “[this is more than rate increases for any other accident or violation, including at-fault collisions, reckless driving, and high speeding. In fact, a DUI will raise rates over 100% in seven states, over 200% in Hawaii, and over 350% in North Carolina.”

What Should You Do If Charged With a DUI in Long Island?

As we have said before, you should not drink and drive. Not getting behind the wheel when you are impaired is the easiest way to avoid higher insurance premiums.

If you find yourself pulled over for DUI, arrested and charged, you should get help from an experienced Long Island DUI attorney at the 888-DUI-Lawyer right away. As with all arrests, immediate action is necessary to protect your rights. Likewise, after being pulled over, be careful what you say to the police officers. What you say can — and will — be used against you at your trial.

Depending on the circumstances, if a plea can be arranged, your DUI charge might be reduced to a lesser charge having less impact on your future insurance premiums. Likewise, if you are acquitted of the charge of driving while intoxicated or impaired, then such is not listed on your record and will not impact future insurance premiums.

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