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Emotions After A DUI Arrest

Long Island DWI Attorney

Coping with the Emotional Impact of a DUI Arrest

Public service announcements and advertisement campaigns tend to attempt to dissuade individuals from driving under the influence of alcohol by focusing on the financial and criminal consequences of a DUI arrest and conviction. Considerable fines, court costs, attorneys’ fees, periods of incarceration, and loss of one’s privilege to drive are certainly all potential consequences of a DUI conviction. Often overlooked, however, is the emotional toll that can accompany a DUI arrest and/or conviction. Unfortunately, these emotional consequences do not have easy solutions.

Emotions that Can Accompany a DUI Arrest and/or Conviction

 In the hours, days, and weeks following a DUI arrest, you may feel a wide range of emotions that can include:

  • Anger at the police and/or yourself;
  • Fear over the potential consequences and ramifications of your DUI, including how a DUI conviction might impact your job and/or your family;
  • Humiliation if you believe your friends, family, and/or co-workers found out about your DUI arrest;
  • Guilt over committing an act you knew to be illegal;
  • Loneliness – you may feel as if you are the only one who knows how you feel at this moment;
  • Shame over having let your loved ones down.

 It is important to know that these and other feelings are completely normal. In fact, the process of being arrested and booked into the local jail is guaranteed by design to make you experience these and other negative emotions. Thankfully, though, you do not need to live with these emotions for the remainder of your life.

Recovering from Your DUI Arrest-Related Emotions

 You can overcome your negative feeling toward your DUI arrest. Here are important tips to keep in mind:

  • You are not a bad person. Although the law is designed to make you feel like a criminal, you must remind yourself that you are not a bad person. Even if you did drink and drive and there were negative consequences of that decision, that does not mean you are a criminal or that you are an evil person. You are simply a human being who made a mistake.
  • Accept the consequences of your actions. Part of the emotional recovery process involves facing the consequences of your decision head-on. This does not mean you shouldn’t defend yourself against your DUI charges – especially if you have one or more valid defenses.
  • Learn from your mistakes. If you did drink and drive and are thereafter convicted of a criminal offense, vow to learn and grow from the incident. Determine next time that you will utilize a taxicab service or a designated driver.

Speak with a Long Island DUI Attorney at 888-DUI Lawyer Right Away

 Just because you have been charged with DUI and are experiencing shame or other emotions does not mean you should simply plead to your charges without first speaking with a reliable DUI attorney at 888-DUI-LAWYER. We can help you protect your rights and ensure you face as few of consequences as possible as a result of your DUI charge. Contact us by phone or online today for a free, no-obligation consultation. The arrest is rough. It gets better after you call us.

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