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How A DUI Affects Employment

Being arrested for DUI in New York is a frightening and stressful experience. One of the most stressful aspects about getting a DUI is uncertainty about the future. Will you lose your job? Will you be able to get a good job with a DUI on your record? Unfortunately, these are very real concerns, and a drunk driving conviction can have serious, lifelong consequences for your career. Below is a look at some of the ways your career can be impacted by a DUI, including some ways you probably have not thought of. If you do happen to get arrested for DUI in New York, make your first phone call be the one to an experienced, aggressive Long Island DUI lawyer who can fight to get the best result possible for you. In Long Island, call 888-DUI-LAWYER for immediate assistance.

How A DUI Can Impact Your Career

When a clean driving record is important for your job. If you drive for a living, a DUI conviction can be disastrous. As a taxi driver, truck driver, or holder of a commercial driver’s license (CDL), a DUI could cause you to lose your job or keep you from getting a job in any of these occupations. For any holder of a CDL, the threshold for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is only a .04% blood alcohol content (BAC), one-half the .08% threshold for other drivers.

When a clean criminal record is important for your job. If your job, or the job you are applying for, requires a certain level of security clearance, any criminal conviction (including DUI) can cause you to lose or be denied that clearance, resulting in a demotion, termination, or being passed over for a job. Many companies simply have a company policy making conviction of a crime grounds for termination.

When you are applying for a job. A common question on most job applications is whether you have been convicted of a crime within a certain number of years in the past. Some applications limit this question to felonies only, which would include getting a second DWI in ten years. Many companies conduct background checks as part of the employment process, so it does no good to lie about a conviction. For some employers, a conviction is an automatic disqualification, while others will look at whether the conviction is relevant to the job you are applying for. Regardless, having a conviction can be a big negative mark on your employment application.

If you need to drive to get to work, or if you drive for work. Don’t forget that a driver’s license suspension is part and parcel of any DUI conviction, including 90 days for a DWAI and six months for a DWI, or much longer if this is not your first offense. For some, getting a ride or taking the bus to work is a hardship that often results in multiple late arrivals or absences, putting your job in jeopardy. Also, if your job involves driving as an important part of your work day, you will have to see if your boss will temporarily reassign your duties while your license is suspended or revoked. It is sometimes possible to get a conditional license from the DMV if you qualify and know the process to go through to get one.

If you are covered by your employer’s insurance policy. One of the hardest hits of a DUI conviction is the astronomical rise in car insurance rates you will experience. This blow is tough enough if you have to come up with the increased premiums yourself, but if you are covered under your employer’s company policy, the insurance company may not cover you, or the employer’s rates may go up. Either way, your employer could choose to let you go based on this reason.

If you have or are seeking a professional license. Countless jobs require a professional license, from doctors, lawyers, accountants and teachers to electricians, plumbers and hair stylists. Receiving professional training and passing a competency exam is only one part of acquiring a professional license. Applicants must also undergo a thorough background check, and a criminal conviction may keep you out of your desired profession. Also, for current license holders, a criminal conviction can be grounds for discipline, including a suspension or revocation of your license.

If you are obtaining an educational degree. Whether you are at the start of your career or switching careers, you are likely applying to a college or other educational institution for advanced learning. A DUI conviction can hurt you on your college application, financial aid application, or application for a licensing exam.

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The risks to your career are just some of the many consequences that can arise from a DUI conviction in New York. Decide to fight your DUI arrest, and make sure you have representation from an attorney with the knowledge, skill and determination to get you the best result. In Long Island, call 888-DUI-LAWYER for a free consultation about how to save yourself from the negative repercussions of a DUI.

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