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Do I Need an Long Island DUI Attorney?

You had a couple of drinks at dinner and got stopped while driving home from the restaurant. You failed the field sobriety tests and were cited for DWAI. Might as well pay the fine and save money by not hiring an attorney, right? The fact is that not all drinking and driving is unsafe or illegal, despite what the media might have you believe. New York DUI laws are zealously enforced and prosecuted, and a given judge or jury may or may not be sympathetic to your plight. Only your own attorney is solely dedicated to looking out for you, protecting your rights, advising you on your options and providing the best representation possible to get you the best result obtainable in your case. Read on to learn more important reasons about why you need an attorney for your DUI case, and call 888-DUI-LAWYER in Long Island for help.

Top Two Reasons You Should Hire A DUI Lawyer

While there are many reasons one should retain a lawyer, below are the top two:

  • The law is complicated.
  • Not having a lawyer may cost you even more money than not having an attorney.

Effects of DUI can be Worse than Other Crimes

Before you think that your case is “just a DUI,” remember that Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a criminal offense. This means that pleading guilty or being convicted at trial will result in you having a criminal record. Still, you may be thinking that DWI is only a misdemeanor, which means you will only have to pay a fine. That is the case with most misdemeanor offenses, but DUI penalties go far beyond just paying a fine. First, you will lose your driver’s license for three to six months. You will also be subject to many other costs that are not experienced with other misdemeanors, such as the costs to get your car out of impound, and the vastly increased insurance rates drivers with a DUI are forced to pay.

Another way that DUI is worse than other crimes is that with other offenses, having a prior misdemeanor on your record does not make a subsequent misdemeanor charge any worse. In the case of DWI, however, if you have a misdemeanor DWI on your record, even if it is nearly ten years old, a second DWI arrest will be charged as a felony. Consider becoming a convicted felon after two DWI arrests in ten years, and how that conviction will impact your career and every other area of your life. Still wondering whether you need an attorney for your DUI?

You Need a DUI Attorney on Your Side

Pleading guilty to DUI subjects you to all of those negative consequences. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by fighting your DUI. But you can’t do it yourself. You cannot be expected to know the law and legal procedures and how to negotiate an effective plea agreement, let alone fight a prosecution at trial to have the case dismissed, get evidence suppressed or achieve a not guilty verdict or acquittal. It takes years to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to face these challenges and succeed. You need an DUI lawyer with the necessary skills and dedication and who will fight to get you the best result possible.

Call 888-DUI-LAWYER after a Long Island DUI Arrest

If you are facing a DWI, DWAI or other drunk driving charge in Long Island, call 888-DUI-LAWYER for a free consultation with a team of dedicated and experienced New York DUI lawyers.

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