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Increased DUI Arrests in the Summer Months

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– New York DUIs 

Every year, thousands die in tragic alcohol-related collisions throughout the country. In New York alone, 3,752 people died in DUI crashes between 2003 and 2012, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

No doubt, drunk under the influence is a serious crime because of the potential harm posed by drunk and impaired drivers. Police have been cracking down on DUIs over the past 30 years, and in some places you can really tell. Sentencing laws have tightened and police enforcement has ramped up. As the summer is now well underway, temperatures are heating up, bars are opening their patios, and summer events and holidays are in full swing. As New Yorkers come out to enjoy the heat, many also will be drinking more than in colder months.

If you get arrested and charged with a DUI on Long Island or anywhere throughout NYC, call (888) DUI-LAWYER right away. Do not delay and do not speak to police or prosecutors until you have talked to an experienced Long Island DUI attorney. You may have strong defenses that can protect your driver’s license, help you keep your job, and even help you avoid an expensive conviction.

Why is Summer Worse for DUI Arrests?

There are a lot of reasons why summer months tend to bring a high volume of DUIs, especially in places like New York City.


There are a number of alcohol-rich holidays compressed into a short span during the spring and summer. Consider all the following holidays that occur in the warmer months of the year:

  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day

At least four of these are holidays that traditionally involve long weekends and heavy drinking.

Sporting Events

Nothing bring New Yorkers out to celebrate like the old fashioned Mets vs. Yankees rivalry. With summer comes thousands of locals, visitors, and tourists alike flocking to stadiums and arenas throughout the region to enjoy summer sports. Alcohol is a big part of the fun, but poor planning and irresponsible designated drivers can lead to poor choices, like drinking and driving.

Hot Weather

People also tend to drink more in warm weather. Nothing compliments a stadium brat like a cold beer. But intense heat can make people drink more than usual. Sadly, alcohol dehydrates and makes people want to indulge even more to quench their thirst.

The Kids are Out of School

Do not forget that school is out. That means kids – especially teens – will be on the road, too.  The CDC also reports that one in 10 high school aged teens drinks and drives. As teens hit the road with friends, there is always a chance of underage drunk driving.

When it Comes to Fighting a DUI, Experience Counts – Speak to a Long Island DUI Lawyer Today!

Do not take chances with your freedom and your future. If you are charged with DUI on Long Island or anywhere in NYC, you have a lot to lose. Your license, your job, your career, your money, and even your personal liberty and freedom are on the line. Do not gamble. Call (888) DUI-LAWYER now to speak to an attorney who can give you real answers and protect your rights.


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