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DUI Arraignment in Long Island

Long Island DUI Attorneys can help with your arraignment

What Happens at a DUI Arraignment?

If DUI charges have been filed against you, it may take months before your case is resolved (or longer if you elect to contest the charges at trial). Between the time of your arrest until the sentencing hearing that marks the conclusion of your case, there will be several other hearings that must take place. One of the more important hearings (from a procedural standpoint) is the arraignment hearing. While an arraignment hearing in a DUI case does not usually last long (perhaps a matter of minutes), what transpires at this hearing will dictate the path your case will take.

Purpose and Nature of a DUI Arraignment Explained by Nassau County DUI Attorneys

 The arraignment hearing is the hearing at which you formally enter a plea to the charges filed against you. The court will inform you of the charges and possible DUI penalties that might accompany conviction for your offense(s). You will then either admit your guilt to the charges or you will plead “not guilty” – essentially denying that you committed the offense with which you are charged. Depending on how you plead to the charges, your case will then take one of two paths:

  • If you admit your guilt to all of the criminal offenses with which you are charged, the court will find you guilty of these offenses (so long as the court believes there are sufficient facts available to believe you did in fact commit the crimes with which you are charged). You will then be sentenced by the court (either that day or at a later date).
  • If you plead “not guilty,” your case will be set for one or more pretrial hearings and, eventually, a trial.

Admitting your guilt at the arraignment hearing carries with it several consequences. By taking this course of action, you are giving up your right to have a jury determine your guilt by proof beyond a reasonable doubt. You are also giving up your rights to require the prosecution to present evidence and testimony of your guilt, to cross-examine witnesses who would testify against you, to take the stand in your own defense (if you chose to do so), as well as the presumption of innocence you enjoy as a defendant charged with a crime.

How Long After Arraignment Before My Case is Resolved?

It can take weeks – if not months – before your arraignment hearing is held. How quickly your arraignment hearing is held will depend in large part on your own availability as well as the availability of the court, your Long Island DUI attorney, and the prosecutor. If you decide to contest the charges, it can be several additional months before the trial is held and your case resolved. If you admit your guilt, your case will usually be resolved within a matter of weeks (if not immediately).

Why Speak with a Long Island DUI Attorney at 888-DUI-Lawyer

Do not believe that the quicker route in your DUI case is the better route: a DUI conviction carries with it several significant consequences, and you may have one or more valid defenses to such charges. Speak first with the experienced Long Island DUI defense attorney at 888-DUI-LAWYER about your case and the possible ways in which your case can be resolved. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation or contact us online for help today.

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