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Do You Still Need a Lawyer if You Are Guilty of a DUI?

DUI Lawyer Long Island

Why You Should You Hire A Long Island DUI Attorney

One of the biggest misconceptions in law is the notion that if someone is guilty of a crime and pleads as such, it is simple and easy to close the case from there. For example, when many people are charged with driving under the influence, or driving while ability impaired in New York, they sometimes think they do not need a lawyer. However, this can be a huge mistake and actually result in much more severe penalties than you really deserve.

How a Lawyer Can Help if You Are Pleading Guilty

One of the risks of going into a guilty plea without a lawyer is that you may end up being charged with a crime of which you are not guilty. In New York, for example, there is a difference between a standard driving while ability impaired (DWAI) charge and an aggravated driving while ability impaired charge; with the latter, you need a significantly higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and the penalties are more severe. Lawyers with experience and training in state cases will make sure you are not pleading guilty to any crimes you did not commit.

Another advantage of hiring a DUI lawyer is sentencing. After a defendant is found guilty, whether he or she pleaded or was found guilty at trial, the judge determines what penalties should be brought against that person. For driving while intoxicated or driving while ability impaired, the penalties vary depending on circumstances, such as:

  • Whether this was a first DWAI charge
  • The defendant’s BAC
  • Number of DWAI violations in the past 10 years

DUI penalties can range from smaller ($500) fines to larger fines ($5,000) and jail time, so you want to make sure that you are charged with the appropriate crime and that sentencing is fair.

Factors That Can Affect DUI Sentencing

Many different factors can affect how you are sentenced for a DUI in New York. Elements such as whether your vehicle is insured, whether anyone was harmed while driving, and whether anyone underage was in the vehicle can all affect the severity of penalties.

An experienced Long Island DUI Attorney will also be able to find mitigating factors – factors that would reduce the severity of your sentence. For example, if your driving was safe, other than the DUI element, you may be able to get a lower sentence than if the court could prove your driving was hazardous.

Every case is unique and complex, so it can take time to discover all of the relevant facts. One of the mistakes people often make when pleading guilty without a lawyer is presenting information that actually hurts their case rather than helping it.

Hiring a Nassau County DUI Lawyer is the Best Option

Hiring a Nassau County DUI attorney is always the best option, even if you plan to plead guilty to a DUI charge. There are many different factors to consider, from what you are actually charged with to what your sentence should be. If you have any questions about your DUI case or need to hire a Long Island drunk driving defense lawyer, contact us as quickly as possible so we can get to the heart of your case and help you navigate it. Free consultations, 24/7. Call us at 888-DUI-Lawyer today.



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