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3 Questions to Ask Yourself After A DUI Arrest

Long Island DUI Attorney

When you are faced with a DUI arrest, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience; this stress makes it far easier to lose track of key facts that could help you later. Therefore, the first thing to remember if you get arrested for a DUI is to stay calm and think about what you can do to minimize the penalties you suffer.

One of the biggest things you can do if you have been arrested for a DUI is make yourself consciously think about your circumstances and the events leading up to the arrest. One of the easiest ways to do this is to frame your thought in questions that you can ask yourself. This way, the answers to these questions will provide a frame for the information that will be relevant to your case. There are numerous questions that will likely be running through your head at the time, but here is a list of the top three that you should consider and why.

Do You Remember the Key Times Associated with the DUI Arrest?

Timing is one of the most critical pieces of information related to DUI cases because it helps determine the likely level of impairment. Because it takes the average person approximately an hour to metabolize alcohol, the highest level of impairment will not necessarily occur immediately after drinking.

If you can, you should keep track of timing related to the following events:

  • The time of the accident
  • The time you were pulled over

The answers to these questions can help your Long Island drunk driving defense lawyers develop an understanding of the circumstances around your case and build your defense.

Was Anyone Else in the Car When You Were Pulled Over For DUI?

One of the other factors that can affect a DUI sentence is whether anyone else was in the car with you. You should also make note of whether they were 21 or over. Penalties for DUIs when driving with people under 21 in the car can be more severe.

Having someone else in the car with you may also help your case, if the person can provide evidence that your driving was not reckless or otherwise unsafe. The comparative safety of your driving can be a mitigating factor if you are sentenced.

What was the Stated Reason for You Being Pulled Over?

If you can keep track of why you were pulled over, it can be helpful to your case, especially if it was for something unrelated to your driving ability. Keep a record of any questions that the police ask you as well as how you answered them. You do not need to present your own notes to the court, but they can be invaluable to your DUI attorney. An experienced Nassau County DUI lawyer from 888-DUI-Lawyer will be able to take your perspective and incorporate it into their understanding of the facts of the case.

If you have questions about your drunk driving arrest, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced DWI attorneys at 888-DUI-Lawyer. Combined, we have more than 100 years of experience serving the Long Island community. Find out how we can help you! Free consultations, 24/7.


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